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  • in small and medium-sized organizations
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Project partners

bfm logoBF/M in Bayreuth (Germany)
Bayreuth Research Institute for small and medium sized organizations at University of Bayreuth

The BF/M was founded at the University of Bayreuth in 1979 with the purpose of an intensive flow of information between industry and academia. It was established to open up for small and medium-sized enterprises academic research and knowledge transfer. The institute is working in particular in the development, introduction and evaluation of innovative methods and instruments for business management.

Against the backdrop of increasing economic globalization, the increasing importance of the service sector as well as management of modern information and communication technologies, the BF / M Bayreuth focuses its research currently on three main themes, which are:

  • enterprise networks
  • internationalization of SMEs
  • personnel development in SMEs
  • empirical research and transfer


efms_logo_smallefms in Bamberg (Germany)
European forum for migration studies at University of Bamberg

The european forum for migration studies (efms) is a scientific institute at the University of Bamberg. Founded in 1993, its main topics are migration and integration of migrants in Europe. The efms is active in the areas of scientific research, policy counselling, preparation of expert surveys, evaluation, training, information and documentation.

Migration and integration are among today’s most urgent social and political issues. The efms aims at enhancing the knowledge and the understanding of these phenomenons by doing social-scientific, interdisciplinary research. The knowledge transfer between science, politics, administration and the general public is of central interest to the efms. The range of services as practical expertise from experts play a decisive role. With its work, the efms wants to assist in the development of a viable and humane migration and integration policy in Germany and Europe.


GES-sencer_smallGES in Barcelona (Spain)
Gabinet d‘Estudis Socials, SCCL

GES (Gabinet d’Estudis Socials, SCCL)
is an independent non-profit organisation (Worker’s Cooperative, created in 1987)  under the Catalan Cooperative Law  (Llei de Cooperatives Llei 18/2002, of 5 of July). GES develops and coordinates research and evaluation projects in the social field. Its main focus of research are human rights, poverty, social exclusion and migration. Since 2000, GES works for the FRA and has carried out the majority of reports  and studies about racism and xenophobia against the migrant population in Spain, as well as about human rights’ violations against other populations. At the present moment, GES is involved in other projects of social applied research in the framework of the Daphne Programme (Replace project about FGM) and Grundtvig programme (the project “New answers for new Needs”), which is focused on new poverty.


þÿIIB in Vienna (Austria)
Institute for International Business at Vienna University of Economics and Business


The Institute for International Business (IIB) is one of the strongest and most performance-oriented groups in terms of IB research in Europe. IIB’s research focus covers a wide range of facets and topics relevant in the field of international business, as for example the role of regional headquarters, internationalization processes in Central and Eastern Europe, international finance in foreign trade activities or people-related research within and across cultures. On the one hand, publications in international top-tier journals and numerous awards certify the high research quality the institute is constantly striving for. On the other hand, a multitude of projects and co-operations with companies proof the trust and support IIB enjoys from practitioners and managers.


logolunaria72pLunaria in Rome (Italy)

Lunaria is a non governmental and non profit organization, holding the status of “Association for Social Promotion”, born in 1992 inRome. Lunaria’s activities focus on research, training and communication, mainly on social issues such as fair economy, Third Sector, migration studies, globalization, the links between democracy and participation and the importance of informal and non formal education. Lunaria promotes also international voluntary service activities, workcamps and intercultural workshops.
All the activities are supported by an intensive work of networking at local, national and european level. Research and social analysis are considered as fundamental instruments to promote alternative and more equitable policies. Through our activities we test new forms of active participation and social change inspired by principles of justice, solidarity, democracy and guarantee of civic, social and human rights for all.


Cooperation Partner:

GGS_fond_Pantone281GGS in Heilbronn, Germany
German Graduate School of Management and Law



The German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS) is a private, state-recognized business school specializing in part-time education for working professionals. GGS offers programs leading to postgraduate degrees in Management and Law such as the Master of Business Administration (MBA) and the Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Business Law or Legal Management. The school is located in Heilbronn, Germany in one of Europe’s most vibrant economic regions with a high density of medium-sized companies.

GGS faculty conduct research in many areas of business and law such as diversity management, international management, corporate social responsibility, innovation management, private equity funding, compliance, and intellectual property. Faculty involvement in consulting activities and GGS’s executive education programs transfer state-of-the-art management and legal knowledge directly to businesses and keep GGS in touch with corporate realities. GGS was founded in 2005 and is funded by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.


Responsible persons:

extern_kuehlmannProf. Dr. Torsten M. Kühlmann (BF/M; University of Bayreuth)




Foto_Ramona_HeinzRamona Heinz (BF/M) 


Bewerbungsfoto_Martin_Rochi-1Martin Rochi (BF/M) 


Foto_LuisaSeiler_kleinLuisa Seiler (efms)



Joaquim Aiguabella (GES)

Paolo Leotti (GES)


Prof. Dr. Günter Stahl (IIB, Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Doris Friedrich (IIB)


Grazia Naletto (Lunaria)

Giovanni Alteri (Lunaria)


 Prof. Dr. Markus Vodosek (GGS)