• Managing cultural diversity
  • in small and medium-sized organizations
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EUDiM – Managing cultural diversity in small and medium-sized organizations

Due to demographic changes and immigration of employees to EU countries, workplaces become nationally and culturally diverse. Relating to this, private as well as public organizations are facing new challanges regarding the management of their workforce.

Immigrants bring along different rules of conduct, values, mindsets and normative orientations. That’s why they may experience rejection, skepticism and discrimination for example with respect to work tasks, wages, promotions or layoffs at the workplace. To avoid this, many companies and institutions have initated “management of diversity programs”. Unfortunately there is no coherent body of knowledge and there is disagreement about what “diversity management” really means.

Due to this lack of information and in order to help companies to cope with the challenges of a multicultural workforce, the overall goal of this project is to map and evaluate the management of diversity practice in small and medium-sized European companies and institutions directed towards highly-skilled immigrants from non-EU member states. One special objective is to provide recommendations for planning, organizing and evaluating diversity management, which help to implement practices that work in an increasing number of small and medium-sized organizations.

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